At Westbrook Old Hall we aim to maintain outstanding standards in all aspects of our work. Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a working document, which helps us to set out the priorities we want to achieve during 2021-22.















CURRICULUM - to raise standards and good progress across the school

To close the gap in attainment, knowledge and understanding caused by the period of lockdown and extended period of time away from school. 

Children will catch up and reach the expected level by the end of the academic year.

To implement and embed the new EY Framework

All pupils have made good progress from their starting points. 

All staff within the Early Years have a clear understanding of the new framework and are able to use this knowledge when working with children. 

All children actively engage in learning within the Early Years supported by knowledgeable practitioners and enabling environments. 

Clear long/medium/short term plans are in place for the new framework.

To embed strategies for Writing for Mastery - writing progression, skill development and spelling.

Clear progression is in the Steps in Learning documentation

Writing independence builds over time

Children are supported to achieve age-related expectation.

To implement the new phonics scheme.

All EY, KS1 and Y3 staff to be trained.

Children can recall prior learning.

The planning is well sequenced.

Children can apply skills to reading and writing.

Progress is in line with the scheme’s expectations.

To promote progression, recall, sequencing and assessment in the foundation curriculum.

Children will be able to recall prior learning.

The curriculum will be well sequenced and show progression from one unit to another from year group to year group.

Assessments will occur at the end of each unit of work.

To enrich the children’s learning experiences using the outdoor environment.

Children will show positive attitudes and behaviour on the playground.

Teachers will use the outdoor space to enhance the children’s learning experiences more often.

The confidence, self-esteem and independence of Y1 children will be increased.

Teachers will feel confident in using the Forest School.



TEACHING - to improve the quality of teaching to raise achievement.

To develop a mastery focus in writing.

Teachers feel confident teaching writing.

There is an improvement in teaching strategies and pupil achievement.

Teachers receive training from Mike Cain.

Set up a programme of CPD for all staff which addresses main areas of improvement – writing, phonics, teaching and learning, specific SEND needs and SRE

All staff will be greater informed about specific SEND issues and writing.

Staff will receive training for specific areas relevant to their own professional development.

Staff will receive training for the new phonics scheme.

To develop routines and a framework for basic expectations within lessons.

Teachers will follow basic routines within the classroom.













LEADERSHIP - to establish the leadership team, systems and practices.

To establish the SLT and implement systems and practices

The SLT meets on a weekly basis, or more frequently, as required.

The SLT meets deadlines

All members of the SLT have a good knowledge and understanding of the strengths and areas for development and are instrumental in changes that take place.

A monitoring cycle is established for all school leaders.

To develop subject leadership

Leaders are clear about when monitoring will happen.

All subject leaders gain a greater understanding of their subject and the strengths and areas for development across the school, via the monitoring process.

All subject leads receive coaching to help them develop skills needed to be an effective subject lead.

To prepare for OFSTED

Acting Head and SLT will have fully prepared paperwork.

Subject Leads will feel confident and well informed about their subjects.

To deploy teaching assistants effectively across the school to raise achievement.

Pupil Premium TAs will work with PP children to raise achievement and boost progress from Reception to Year 5.

Level 2 TAs will be deployed to boost progress of specific children in Y1 and Y2.

Level 2 TAs deployed to support SEND children.

Year 6 TA to take a small, focused group for English and maths.