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Year 6

I am a slave

This part finished song was composed and performed by Daniel and Aryan.

Spring 1


Topic - Slavery - 

Key Musical Theme - Texture - accompaniment

Listening - Baroque Music 1600-1750 - Handel's Water Music


The children will learn about American Spiritual songs and their importance to the American slaves of the 19th Century. They will sing 'Sweet Chariot' and come to understand the messages contained within the lyrics. The children will use the chords of C F G and Am to develop their own musical ideas.


Bronze - I can create a sound pattern based around the chords of C, F, G and Am

Silver - I can create a second sound idea and add a melodic part.

Gold - I can create a lyric and melody to sing over my sound ideas.

Song Writing Demonstration

Create chord sequence 1 - C Am F G

Displace chords to make chord sequence 2 - F C Am G F C F G

Use lyrics from the songs to help fix a melody

Wade in the water & Steal Away

Add your own lyrics to the melody you have created

I want to leave here - I want to get away

Far away, from this place
Far away, from this disgrace.

Sweet Chariot - American Spiritual Song

Sweet Chariot - American Spiritual Song 1

Chord Sequence and rap by Josh

Josh created a chord sequence and then added lyrics and a catchy riff.
Autumn 2

Writing a melody with drone explanation

Picture of notes below, on and above the line

Picture of notes below, on and above the line 1

Worksheet picture with example

Worksheet picture with example 1

Autumn 1


Key Music Learning: Playing independent parts within a group


Pitch focus - chords - major and minor


Listening focus - Greensleeves


Rhythmic focus - dotted rhythms - 6/8 pulse


Bronze - I can play the chords

Silver- I can play the second part

Gold - I can play my part in time whilst others play other parts

Star - I can play the melody of Greensleves

Greensleeves with 2nd part

Greensleeves with 2nd part 1

Greensleeves Lyrics

Greensleeves melody, chords, percussion and 2nd part

Greensleeves Percussion Part

Greensleeves Percussion Part 1

Greensleeves melody, chords and 2nd part