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Year 6

I am a slave

This part finished song was composed and performed by Daniel and Aryan.

Song Writing Demonstration

Create chord sequence 1 - C Am F G

Displace chords to make chord sequence 2 - F C Am G F C F G

Use lyrics from the songs to help fix a melody

Wade in the water & Steal Away

Add your own lyrics to the melody you have created

I want to leave here - I want to get away

Far away, from this place
Far away, from this disgrace.

Sweet Chariot - American Spiritual Song

Sweet Chariot - American Spiritual Song 1

Chord Sequence and rap by Josh

Josh created a chord sequence and then added lyrics and a catchy riff.
Autumn 2

Writing a melody with drone explanation

Greensleeves with 2nd part

Greensleeves with 2nd part 1

Greensleeves Lyrics

Greensleeves melody, chords, percussion and 2nd part

Greensleeves Percussion Part

Greensleeves Percussion Part 1

Greensleeves melody, chords and 2nd part