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Year 5

Spring 1


Topic - American Culture - 12 Bar Blues

Key Musical Theme - Dynamics - strong contrast

Listening - Baroque Music 1600-1750 - Handel's Water Music


The children will develop a class performance of the song Johnny B. Goode using chords played on the mini keyboards. They will then improvise and compose their own melodic and lyrical idea to the 12 Bar Structure.


Bronze - I can play the chords with growing accuracy and keep in time to the pulse.

Silver - I can play the chords in time and develop simple musical ideas to sing and play over the top of the accompaniment.

Gold - I can improvise sung or instrumental parts showing a good sense of harmony and rhythmic repetition.

Mrs Kingsbury's class singing Johnny B. Goode

Autumn 2


Listening Focus: Plainchant - music of the medieval times


Pitch focus - London's Burning


Rhythmic focus - te te ta  ta 


Learning success:

Bronze - I am mostly accurate when singing

Silver - I sing accurately and keep my part when singing in parts

Gold -  I show confidence in my singing

Star - I can sing whilst playing an instrumental part.

London's Burning

London's Burning 1

Autumn 1


Key musical focus: I can maintain an independent part in a group.


Listening focus: Samba Music


Dimension in sound: pitch - major and minor, dynamics - accents/ strong beats


Bronze - I can play all 4 chords in sequence

Silver- I can play the four chords and sing the melody

Gold - I can create and play a new sequence of chords

Star - I can arrange and organise my group

Rainforest chords and chorus melody

Rainforest chords and chorus melody 1

Rainforest Melody Notation

Rainforest Melody Notation 1

Rainforest melody count

Rainforest melody count 1

Part 2

Part 2 1

Rainforest by J. Oates (2015)

Rainforest, rain on me.  By J. Oates


Rainforest rain on me. x4


1) In the jungle the trees sing a very special song.

If you listen carefully you'll start to hum along. Mmmmm!


Tall trees, small trees, middle trees too.

Home for the animals a real living zoo. (Repeat while chorus is sung)


2) In the jungle the birds sing a very special song.

If you listen carefully you'll start to hum along. Mmmmm!