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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Mrs Ellis, Miss Gavin & Mr Stratford

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Welcome to Year 4's class page.

We can't wait to get to know you all and enjoy learning together. 

Our classes are Blyton (Class 9) and Walliams (Class 10).

Please let us know if you have read any of their books. 

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‘How do rivers effect settlements in Europe?’

We will be learning the features of a river and identifying the location and names of key rivers in Europe.

We will then complete a detailed study of the River Tiber which flows through Rome.

To end the topic we will look at the River Mersey and the influence it has had on our local area.

Watch this short video showing the route the river takes from source to mouth.

What can you find out about the geography of Ancient Greece?

As part of European language week we have been learning about Croatia. Today's task was to recreate a beautiful beach image using only string and paint. Check out a few of our finished creations.

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How accurate is your rounding to 10/100/1000 knowledge?

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In Year 4 we are using Class Dojo as our reward system. Please encourage your parents to download the app so they can track your progress. They can also message your teacher on the app too!


Are you a Roman numeral expert? Try these games  to test your knowledge.