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Year 3


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Mount Vesuvius

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Spring Term 1


Angry Earth - the children will learn to sing this song.

Musical Theme - Dynamics - getting loud, getting quiet

Listening focus - Baroque Music 1600-1750 - Handel's Water Music


The children will learn to sing and play an ostinato pattern for the song 'Angry Earth.' They will perform this with the song. The children will use the notes from this ostinato to develop their own musical patterns.


Success Criteria

Bronze - I can play the ostinato pattern with growing accuracy and control and sing the song well.

Silver - I can play the ostinato pattern accurately and I am able to develop simple ostinato patterns using these notes.

Gold - I can play the ostinato and sing the song together. I am able to create ostinato patterns of my own and sequence them.

Angry Earth ostinato pattern

Angry Earth ostinato pattern 1


Ostinati  1

Mrs Jamison - Angry Earth melody and ostinato

The children were learning to sing the ostinato part and the melody at the same time.

Angry Earth - Mrs Perry - Melody and ostinato

Autumn Term 2


Listening Focus - Medieval and renaissance music 500 - 1500 e.g. plainchant


Dimension of sound - simple cyclic patterns


Key Learning Focus - singing, playing and composing cyclic patterns


Learning success:

Bronze - I can play and sing one of the patterns

Silver - I can play and sing two of the cyclic patterns

Gold - I can play and sing three of the cyclic patterns

Star - I can play the parts in sequence

Stone circles

Stone circles 1

Stone Circles Demo by J. Oates

This is a demonstration version only.

Autumn Term 1


Listening focus- Swing Band (Glen Miller)


Dimension of sound- pitch (steps and leaps) 


Key Learning Focus: to create a simple melody and play upon chime bars. 


Bronze- I can add a note to each syllable of the chant

Silver- my melody rises and falls as I want it to, I can play it slowly.

Gold- my melody has a structure and I can play it on chime bars

Star- I can sing and play my melody

Burtonwood Airbase Chant

Burtonwood Airbase Chant 1

Burtonwood an American Base

A simple song based upon the American airbase at Burtonwood, Warrington.

Melody in colour - find the shape

Melody in colour - find the shape 1

Burtonwood Airbase Song

Burtonwood Airbase Song 1