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Year 2


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African Animals

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Spring Term 1


In My Rocket - What is it like in outer space?

Key Musical Theme - Duration - rhythmic patterns

Listening - Baroque Music 1600-1750 Handel's Water Music


The children will learn to sing the song - 'In my rocket'

They will play a simple tuned part on chime bars after learning how to sing the part. The children will develop sound patterns for their space craft.


Success Criteria

Bronze - I can sing the song with good accuracy and perform on instruments with growing control.

Silver - I can sing the song and the instrument part correctly and develop sound patterns for my space craft.

Gold - I can perform with a good sense of pulse, sing well and structure my music in an interesting way.

In My Rocket by J. Oates

In My Rocket by J. Oates 1

Y2 Miss Williams In My Rocket - early version of melody and ostinato part

The children have learnt to sing a repeated part and sing the melody at the same time.

Y2 Mrs Clyne - In My Rocket - Ostinato & Melody

An early attempt at singing both the melody and the ostinato part together.

In My Rocket by John Oates

Autumn Term 2 - Wolves


Listening Focus - Medieval and Renaissance music 500-1500 e.g. Plainchant


Dimension of sound - Duration - rhythmic patterns


Key Learning Focus - to compose rhythmic patterns


Success Criteria:

Bronze - I can combine long and short sounds

Silver - I can repeat my pattern of long and short

Gold - I keep in time to the pulse when playing my rhythm


Wolf 1

Wolf Rhythms

Wolf Rhythms 1

Wolf Rhythms 2

Wolf Rhythms 2 1

Big Bad Wolf?   by J. Oates


Big bad wolf  is what they say.

Three little pigs always running away.

I don't know why 'cause I've never hurt a fly.

Such a really good wolf, a super nice guy.

Big Bad Wolf Demo by J. Oates

This is verse 1 of the song.

Autumn Term 1


Listening focus: African music - call and response.


Dimension of sound- texture (layers of sound)


Key Learning Focus: To perform with a good sense of pulse and rhythm.


Bronze- I play my rhythm in time mostly

Silver- I play my rhythm correctly and in time.

Gold- I play my rhythm in time whilst others play a different rhythm

Star- I can arrange and order the rhythms to make longer music

Turnip Song


There's a turnip at the bottom of the garden, and it's ready for the kitchen pot!

There's a turnip at the bottom of the garden and it's ready for the chop, chop, chop.

It's no use this turnip is resisting

I need some help to lift this crop.


John Oates

Turnip Backing Track

Turnip Song backing. Written by J. Oates

Turnip Rhythms

Turnip Rhythms 1
Turnip Rhythms 2