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Parr Hall Concert - 20th June 2019

Thank you to all the children for auditioning to take part in the 'Accent' Music Education Hub, choir competition.


This concert is to take place on Thursday 20th June at 7pm. I am not sure when tickets will become available but will let you know as soon as I am informed. There are just 6 schools taking part out of 14 who applied.


When auditioning children to sing at an event like this I have to keep in mind that the choir must be balanced. I select the children who I feel will sing the harmony part confidently and then I double this number with the children singing the melody, the most important part!


It is hard for children in Y3 & Y4 to pass the audition as they are competing with older children. All the children sang in tune. 


All the choir will sing at the Music Evening on Tuesday 18th June. There is a further Parr Hall concert on Wednesday 3rd July - this is a charity event for Warrington & Halton hospitals.


Below are the children singing at the Parr Hall on Thursday 20th June.


13 Harmony: Emily M. (Y6)   Beatrice H.  Katrina T.   Joe H.  

                    Emily M. (Y4)    Lily G.   Gracie B.   Olivia V.   Jayden K.  

                    Olivia J.   Georgia H.  Star   Siena C.


26 Melody: Holly F.    Zitong   Leah B.  Shane T.   Quinn   Nafisa

                  Robert M.   Lucy W.   Charlotte H.   Rhiannon    Marianne

                  Lily L.   Brooke   Matilda W.   Daisy W.   Livia L.   Oliver P.

                  Connie J.   Alex G.   Alex M.    Sasha.   Abigail T.  

                  Jessica P.   Ben E.    James T.    Ewan