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Welcome to Early Years 

Our teachers are: Mrs Johnson and Miss Gough 


Our teaching assistants are: Mrs Good and Mrs Wilson 

Our class authors are Donaldson and Rosen 

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Our topic this term is 'Ourselves'. 


On Tuesday 27th November we went to Orford Jubilee Hub. We left school after the register and travelled by coach. We drove past some of our houses. When we arrived we started with a fun art activity using ropes, we made different animals using the ropes. After that we had we took part in a maths challenge. We used PE equipment to solve problems and find out the answers, we were very busy. After lunch we took part orienteering and a dance session all about winter, we explored using material and elastics to make different snowflake shapes. We had lots of fun.

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We have been having great fun this week doing lots of Christmas craft activities. We also had an Elf Day. We made elf hats, elf biscuits and a real Elf came into school.

Our topic this term is Toys

We are learning all about Toys. We are reading the book 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey.

This week we have been looking at our favourite toys and how they work. We shared our toy with the class and had the chance to explain how they work. 


We watched a video of a young boy making a toy car from recycled materials. He used a plastic bottle, bottle lids, string and sticks. Throughout the term we will be making our own cars also using recycled materials. 




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We looked at a selection of different toys and discussed who might play with them. Are they made for a baby, a toddler or a child? 

We discussed why that age group might play with them and made reference to toys we had as a baby and toddler. 


22nd January 2019

We are learning about 3D shapes. We have been making models using 3D shapes and talking about their properties. Look what we have made. 

Friday 8th February

We had a fantastic day on Friday for our Bear Hunt Day. We all brought our bears, wellies and picnic blankets into school. We spent the morning making jam sandwiches and letting our teddies learn in our classroom.

We decided to leave the teddies inside while we went for lunch, however when we came back the teddies had GONE! We found a clue in the register which led us on a bear hunt around school. We ended up in the hall. The bears were waiting for us with our picnic blankets and food. We ate our sandwiches and had a dance with our bears. It was a fantastic day!