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September/October 2016 School Games Reports


A group of Year 5&6 girls competed in a Netball tournament at Penketh High School for four weeks over September and October. The girls competed against other primary schools in their local cluster and played very well over the four weeks. The girls were unlucky not to qualify for the next level of the competition next year, after finishing just under the qualifying mark. The girls enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to competing in more netball events throughout the year.


Year 5&6 boys and girls competed in a Tag Rugby competition, hosted by Lymm Rugby Club on October 4th. The children were split into two teams; Year 5 and Year 6. They competed in different groups. Both teams did extremely well winning some games and scoring highly in games they had lost. The Year 5 team managed to make it through their group as the best team who finished in 3rd place. The year 6 team were unlucky not to advance to the next round, however they played out a friendly tournament whilst the quarter-finals and semi-finals took place. The Year 5 team came up against a strong team in the quarter final and were unfortunately knocked out at the competition just before the semi-final stage. The next rugby competition is the Penketh High School Tag Rugby festival at the beginning of January




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October 2016: Year 5&6 Netball Team!

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October 2016: Year 5 Tag Rugby Team!

November School Games Reports


On Wednesday 16th November, a team of six students from Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6 competed in the Warrington Level 2 Bocciacompetition at Orford Hub. It was a very successful day with the junior team claiming a silver medal in 2nd place, narrowly missing out on 1st place and the infant team winning a bronze medal in 3rd place. The teams played against different primary schools around Warrington and even managed to win 10-3 against a high school. The children loved playing so much that we are now getting our own Boccia equipment so that they can teach their classes how to play.


To find out more about Boccia and how to get involved, visit www.bocciaengland.org.uk



One week after the successful Boccia competition, a group of Year 5&6 boys and girls traveled to Priestley College, competing in the English Schools' Football Association's (ESFA) Football tournament. The children were split into two teams and started the competition in different groups. Both teams were unlucky not to get a winning start, with team one drawing 1-1 and team two drawing 0-0. Unfortunately neither team made it out of the group stages, however the fun did not stop there. Whilst the semi-finals were being played out, both of our teams were able to play a friendly competition against the other schools who did not make it through either. Consequently, this meant that both team one and team two had to play each other, with all players relishing the chance to beat their friends. Team one were victorious this time round, however both teams thoroughly enjoyed the day and are now looking forward to the Road to Goodisoncompetition (provisional dates below).


All throughout November a team of Year 6 boys has competed in a Football festival at Penketh High School against other primary schools in the local area. The competition began well with the team scoring four goals and winning their first game. Over the next four weeks the competition got even tougher, and the team battled well to earn points. Unfortunately the team did not place in a medal position. The next football competition for the Year 6 team will be the Road to Goodison Competition (provisional dates below).   




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Warming up! (Boccia)

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Battling for the Ball! (ESFA)

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Ready for kick-off! (Penketh High Football)

December School Games Reports


On 1st December, two teams of Year 3 students traveled to Orford Hub to represent the school in the first round of the Road to Goodison Football competition. Unfortunately the teams did not manage to progress to the next round. However they thoroughly enjoyed the day, scoring some great goals and showing great team spirit. 

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Both teams together! (Year 3 Road to Goodison)

January School Games Reports


On the 19th January pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 traveled to Penketh High School to compete in the Level 2 Sports Hall Athletics Competition hosted by the Warrington School Sports Partnership (WaSSP). The teams were split into boys and girls and competed in events such as the chest push, the vertical jump and the 6 lap paarlauf race. The teams managed to place 3rd overall


During JanuaryYear 5 and Year 6 also took part in a mixed Tag Rugby Cluster Competition at Penketh High School for four weeks. 

The team did really well winning 7drawing 1 and only losing 2matches.

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Chest Push (Athletics)

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Concentration (Tag Rugby)

February School Games Reports


February's first event saw the Year 4 football team take part in the rearranged Road to Goodison Competition from November at Orford Hub on Thursday 2nd February. The boys played very well and scored some great goals. Unfortunately they did not qualify for the finals at Everton's training ground.  The boys represented our school perfectly by playing with great team spirit and sportsmanship.


On the 7th February, the Year 5 football team traveled to PriestleyCollege to take part in the Road to Goodison Competition. After they were split into two teams the matches started. Team 2 played some great football, but unfortunately were knocked out in the group stages. Team 1 on the other hand progressed through the group stage finishing in second place, without conceding a single goal and scoring four in the process. Their quarter final was very even, with the match going to penalties. After one missed penalty each, Team 1 and their opponents went to sudden death. Team 1 eventually ended up winners and progressed to the semi-finals. The team performed excellently throughout the semi-final, however lost due to a deflection in the last minute. The team ended up finishing 4th overall after a 2-0 loss in the third-place playoff. Have a look at this years upcoming events to see when Year 5 will be in action again.


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Both of our teams! (Year 4 Road to Goodison)

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(Year 5 Road to Goodison)


On the 7th and 8th of February, both EYFS classes took part in the Bikeability scheme, helping them to learn about their bikes and how to ride them safely.


Have a look below at the fun they've been having.

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(EYFS Bikeability)

Similarly on the 28th of February, Year 5 did their Bikeability day.


Have a look at the pictures below...

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(Bikeability Year 5)

Netball Intra-Competition

On the 9th FebruaryYear 4 took part in an intra-school netball competition. There were two winning teams, one from Walliams Classand one from Blyton Class. The two teams from each class will now play each other to find out who will be the Year 4 netball champions. 



During a tense final, both Walliams class and Blyton Class tried their best to win the competition. Walliams class came closest to scoring, hitting the rim of the net on several occasions. However, the teams could not be separated and the final was decided by a shoot-out. Walliams class came out on top, winning 2-0. Congratulations to both teams for making it to the final and displaying the skills they have developed in their PE lessons.




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(Year 4 Netball Intra)

On the 13th of February pupils from Year 5 and 6 took part in a High Five Netball Tournament at Penketh High School. The team played very well finishing third overall and winning half of their matches. Watch this space for more news about Netball and upcoming tournaments.



3 / 3




On the 14th of February, two teams of Year 6 boys and girlscompeted in the Road to Goodison Football Competition at Priestley CollegeOne of our teams got through the group stages but unfortunately were knocked out in the quarter final. Both teams played very well and enjoyed what was a thrilling event.

2 / 2



(Year 6 Road to Goodison)

Year Three Level One Boccia tournament


Today Year Three had an inter class Boccia tournament. Boccia is a paralympic sport similar to bowls. Mrs Perry's Dahl class narrowly beat Mrs Jamison's Simon class 3 games to 2 in a closely matched competition. All the children played well and enjoyed experiencing this different sport.

March School Games Reports


On the 8th march a group of 11 key stage 2 children traveled to Orford Hub to take part in a Primary Ability Day. This was a great opportunity for the students to take part in different sports that they may not have heard of. The sports on offer were GoalballNew Age KurlingGolf and Tennis.


Have a look at some of the pictures below to see how they got on.

7th, 21st, 28th March


Our Year 5&6 Girls Football Team took part in a three week cluster competition at Penketh High School. The Girls did very well winning four games, drawing two and losing two. Overall the girls finished 3rd, narrowly missing out on second place by one point and first place by four points. The girls were a credit to the school and should be proud of their achievement!

3 / 3



9 / 12



(New Age Kurling)



Goalball is a Paralympic sport where competitors where blindfolds and have to try and roll a ball past the other team into a long goal. The ball has a bell in it, so players can hear the ball rolling towards them.



Today a group of 4 Year 5 pupils went to Orford Hub to take part in the Change4Life Health & Wellbeing day. This event aimed to give the children an understanding of how to run a fun and engaging Change4Life club in school. With their training they will be able to provide more activities within the school to keep all our pupils fit and healthy. (Pictures posted soon)

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Today a group of 8 Year 5 and 6 students went to Macclesfield Leisure Centre to compete in a Level 3 Lacrosse Tournament. Unfortunately the team got knocked out in the group stages, but they still enjoyed themselves and have said they would definitely do it again!



Today the Year 5&6 gymnastics team took part in a Key Steps Gymnastics tournament at Wire Gymnastics Club. One of the team won third best individual in the team event. Unfortunately the squad did not place in the team event, but they thoroughly enjoyed the day. 



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Preparing for the Vault (Year 5&6 Gymnastics)



Vaulting involves jumping from a springboard onto a block and then jumping off the block with a precise landing.



Today, a group of KS1 pupils traveled to Wire Gymnastics Club to compete in a Key Steps Gymnastics competition. The routines were well rehearsed and the team managed to win the bronze medal and finish in third place. One individual in our team won second place for being the second highest scorer in the team event.


Have a look at the pictures below to see what fun they've been having!

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Team Photo!



Today it was the turn of the Year 3 and 4 Gymnastics team to take part in the Key Steps Gymnastics tournament. The team started well performing their Floor routines. They then moved to Body Management and finally attempted the Vault. Overall the team did very well, securing third place and winning a bronze medal.

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April School Games Reports



Today our Change4Life champions created a visual aid, to help other pupils understand how much sugar they actually have each day compared to how much they should have. Our champions weighed out several bags of sugar to show how much sugar is in different food items and how it compared to the recommended daily intake of children.


Have a look at them in action...

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Our Change4Life champions aim to help those who may not do a sport outside of school to get active inside school. They will be running clubs at lunchtime and also be providing valuable information on how to keep fir and lead a healthy life.


Watch this space for more Change4Life activity...

Warrington Wolves Foundation

Over the next 6 weeks, the Warrington Wolves Foundation is sending coaches to our school, to help Year 3 and Year 4 improve their rugby skills in preparation for a festival at the end of May. 


Take a look at their first session...


Wolves Coaching Session 1



Today, a group of Key Stage 2 students took part in the Change4Life festival at Priestley College. They were accompanied by the school's Change4Life Champions, who attended the Health and Well-being Day earlier in the year. 


The children thoroughly enjoyed the event, which showcased activities such as soft javelin, football, tag rugby and bowling.


Take a look at some of the pictures from the day...

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(Change4Life Festival)

Fire 7s Rugby May-July

Over the last 2 months, a group of year five and six children participated in a rugby tournament at the Halliwell Jones stadium. They performed brilliantly and managed to get to the semi-finals where they were beat 5-3 in a tight game. Have a look at some of the pictures below to see how they got on.

2 / 7



(Fire 7's Rugby)


Today, both year 3 classes took part in a Basketball Intra-competition. The winners from Ms Jamison's class will play the winners from Mrs Perry's class. 


Have a look at the pictures below to see how they got on...

3 / 3



(Year 3 Basketball Intra)

Year 6 Football Level 1 Intra-Competition


Now that SATs have ended, the year 6s decided to create their own football tournament. The names of each team involved were named after different countries, including Costa Rica and England.


Whilst some children decided to play others took on different roles such as photography, refereeing and writing match reports. 

9 / 15




This past week the whole school has been celebrating national sports week. The children have taken part in a number of different events from the opening ceremony, Born to Move (a fitness and dance session), the Road to the Gold Coast event at Orford Hub, indoor games, archery , tennis and much more. Unfortunately, due to the weather, sports day was cancelled. However, it has been rearranged for Tuesday 25th July.


Take a look at the pictures below to see how much the children had this week... 

9 / 40



Help Rowan Run

This past week the whole school has been trying their best to raise money for Rowan to have an operation. Each year group took part in a fun run in order raise as much money as possible through sponsorship. Have a look at some of the pictures below to see how they all got on.

1 / 4







SPORTS DAY 2017- Hitting Targets

This year's sports day was given the theme of hitting targets. The events included Tug O' War, Beanbag Target Throwing (KS1), Archery (KS2), Quad Bounders, Parachutes, Tri-Golf and Quidditch. 


The children competed in their Pastoral Care groups and were given the task of designing a Superhero themed banner to highlight their group's British Value. 


Every child managed to have a go at each event and even some of the parents joined in too.


Overall the children enjoyed the day and we even managed to raise some money for Help Rowan Run along the way.